Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wedgwood Collection

I am an avid collector of Jasperware Wedgwood.

It started with my Grandmum. Having escaped the Nazis, she and her husband (I never knew him. He died before I was born) landed in England. This is where her collection started. She would send mum various pieces as well. I think everyone in the family has at one point bought pieces. I've been antiquing and buying Wedgwood since my teens. I did buy some pieces from Dillard's when they had Wedgwood signings. They don't even carry Jasperware any more. Have not for quite some time.

I have mostly blue (dark, pale, royal etc) in my ever growing collection. I also have black, brown, green, lilac, pink, terracotta, teal. white and yellow.

I have a few other odds and ends in the cabinet. Daddy's military flag, a few pairs of antique opera glasses, English Bobby whistle (not sure if it is current or antique), mezuzahs (Jasperware Wedgwood, Lenox and an unnamed), some silver Israeli spoons, an Israeli plate, Bruno's paw print, Jonathan Adler penguin and dog salt and pepper shakers, 2 Cunard Line small bone china cup and saucer (1 meat set and 1 dairy set), a small Spode cup and saucer set and a few pieces of Wedgwood china (glazed).

As you can see, I am running out of space and I have had to start stacking the plates, trays and dishes on top of one another. I need another cabinet built PRONTO!