Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oklahoma Tornados

I want to keep this short because things here are just so out of control. As some or most of you know I live in Oklahoma City. Sunday and Monday we we hit with many tornado's.

Sundays tornado hit the Edmond area (15 minutes from me) and the Shawnee area (30 minutes from me). A mobile home park was wiped away. That was an EF4 (166-200 mph).

Mondays tornado was an EF5 (more than 200 mph). The 2 miles wide tornado wiped away most of the city of Moore (15 minutes from me). The devastation is too much for words and the loss of life is heart breaking.

People have been so very generous in donating supplies but as of today, supplies are overwhelming those who are collecting. What is so very needed is MONEY donations.

Please keep in mind that their are scammers out there and that money will NOT reach those in need. IF you would like to make a donation please make it to the OKLAHOMA American Red Cross. Donating to the local chapter keeps the money HERE in Oklahoma and will help those with shelter, food, clothing, necessities etc. Remember these victims have lost EVERYTHING. Can you imagine no toothbrush? No feminine product? No clothing? No pet food? No food? No medication? No car? These people are in desperate need.

Oklahoma Red Cross

Pet Food Pantry - OKC

Read about Sprouts assisting with tornado relief and how YOU can help.