Saturday, December 10, 2011

I have found the BEST make-up brush cleanser

This may sound odd but trust me ...
Cleaning my make-up brushes never was a big deal for me, until I began high school. I have tried just about every brush cleanser around ... high-end, middle-end, low-end and homemade.

I started out with baby soap/dish soap and water, moved on to M·A·C. Then my journey began with a whole lot of various other products/brands. I tried my own homemade concoctions and continued another endless journey with other products/brands.

With that being said, I have never been happy with the outcome of my brushes and sponges, until today. Normally I wash my brushes in the bathroom. I decided to wash them at my kitchen sink. Then an idea DAWNed (no pun intended) on me. I have used dish washing soap before (no it does not ruin your brushes) with okay results. When I saw the Dawn Bleach Alternative (over night soaking power in 5 mins) bottle I thought I'd give it a shot. I am BLOWN away with how well it cleaned my brushes and sponge. I always have trouble cleaning my Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat top multipurpose brush. It just seems to never get 100% clean. Tonight that brush (along with the rest of them) is sparkling clean and I am very happy with my shot-in-the-dark-on-a-whim try.
The next washing I am going to try the Dawn again and rinse it with vinegar (one of my homemade recipes I was using) and I'll let yall know if their is any difference.

PS: The Dawn Bleach Alternative works very well on stuck on or burned on food as well. LOL!

Dawn Bleach Alternative

my sparkling clean brushes