Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nail Polish collection/stash *UPDATE*

I finally filled up my 'used polish' basket. I couldn't cram anymore in and thought I had better update my collection/stash list and get them put away. These are more recent buys and some old buys. I try to use same brands I have already have used so that I can get those out of the way and also make sure I am not getting dupes. Once those are gone I'll start on other brands. Surprisingly, I am getting through these polishes pretty quickly. Sorry no pics. I am very lazy in that respect. Though, if you are interested in any of the colours or have questions, let me know and I will post pics.

Color Mates (Dollar Tree)

Blue Thunder
French Pink
Look At Me!
Metallic Blue
Metallic Venom
Purple Haze
Stormy Weather
Winey The Pooh

Nicole By OPI (Target & Wam-Lart)

Candid Cameron NIF12
Plum To Your Senses NI406
Stand By Your Manny NIF06
What's The Mitch-unation NIF14

Piggy Polish (Ulta)

Finger Festival (FLAGRANT re-label of Sunshine on Snowflakes. My polish has 2 labels!!)
Finger Fireworks 3021

Pure Ice (Wam-Lart)

All Night Long 222CP
Crimson 958CP
Dazzle Me 1005
Iced Merlot 913CP
Vineyard 829CP
Wet T Shirt 308CP

Rimmel (Wam-Lart)

Blue Eyed Girl 231
Hot Black To Go 820
Magic Stardust 831

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